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Astrological Remedies For Malefic Mercury. Try to feed crows everyday before you eat. Offer ghee in a temple. Diseases such as stammering, loss of speech, headaches, neuralgia, spasms, giddiness, hysteria and insomnia are related to Mercury being in a weak position, as believed in astrology.

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In case Saturn is malefic and the native has a hairy body, the native will remain poor. It gives very good results if the moon or any male planet is placed in 3rd, 5th, 9th and 11th houses, but if moon and Jupiter are not placed in good houses Mercury would provide malefic effects. Vedic Remedies in Astrology.

Saturn in 9th House: Native will have three houses. However, in practice, Jupiter has proved to be malefic in certain situations, i. Math and philosophy strengthen Mercury with Mars and Jupiter. Its forward and backward motion symbolizes the mind's activity in past and future events and ideas. Remedies 1. This can be started on any Wednesday in bright half shukla paksha.

But if you perform the remedies of bad planets in the horoscope, they can reduce their ominous effects to a great extent, Because, of the remedies the bad effects of planets can be calmed. Remedies for Mercury.

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Some astrologers believe that there will be no malefic results if the position of Lagna is outside Rahu and Ketu. All such problems are happening because of Rahu in your horoscope. Mars Kuja or Mangal is a red and fiery planet born out of Earth.

Mercury Budha Mahadasha in Vedic Astrology. If one kills dogs Ketu gives malefic results. Moon represents mind , emotions, watery diseases, common cold etc. Effects of Sun — In Vedic Astrology, Sun has great significance and occupies the central place amongst the Navagrahas. When Mercury is malefic, recital of Mercury mantra is very benefice and favourable.

No effect can be seen for the remedies observed either before dawn or after sunset. Venus and Mercury are evil and Saturn, the Moon and the Sun are neutrals. Moon waning is malefic and so is a malefic associated Mercury. Vedic Remedies. Kataka Cancer Jupiter and Mars are benefics, the better being Mars as he is lord of the 5th and 10th.

In the same pattern Aries and Scorpio sign, Taurus and Libra, Gemini and Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius have the same Lord so in all these cases nadi dosh become nullify. The native fails to understand anything and meanwhile the mysterious and mischievous mercury turns the cycle of fortune in the reverse gear. Begetting children, or child won't have a good brain and may not be good at maths, language, and physical exercise. According to vedic astrology, simple remedies for Mercury planet to reduce malefic effects during Mercury Budha Mahadasha and Antardasha.

What are the astrological remedies for Asthma?. Same astrology read the health issues and also offers Astrological combinations for good health. You should respect your father. Astrology has become very popular. To ward off the malefic effects of afflicted Mercury one must perform some remedies and take precautionary measures. If Mercury is lord of the 6th, 8th or 12th house then should read ganeha Atharvshrisha daily twice.

Mercury is a benefic planet unless he is associated with or aspected by a malefic or he is combust on account of nearness to the Sun. Malefic effects indicated by Mercury are, mental diseases, nervous break down, hyper sensitiveness, difficulties in vocal expressions, stammering ect. Child's teeth may also not be good. Remedies for malefic Saturn in 12 houses As the slowest moving planet and the chief signification for longevity, Saturn is a barren, binding, cold, dry, hard, defensive and secretive planet.

In Hindu Shastras, upaye should be carried out for minimum 40 days and maximum 43 days continuously. Similarly, combination of Mercury with lord of 3 rd house and Mercury positioned in sign of Jupitar while aspected by Mars can also cause the disease. In medical astrology, Mercury is the natural ruler of the nervous system. Additional problems created by Mercury. Remedies for Weak and Malefic Ketu. In most situations, Mercury is considered to be a benefic planet, however, in certain instances, it can have malefic influences.

Planet Mercury in the Horoscope. In course of time the benefic effect of Sun and the malefic effect of Saturn will come in to force. So if Mercury is with Mars a natural malefic then Mercury is afflicted. Remedies to Avoid Malefic Effects of Saturn. Putting milk in the water and sitting on a stone or wood while taking bath.

Iran Crisis Updates, War Dates. Most often the concept of malefic planets is taken into consideration, however, it is necessary to strengthen the weak planets in a person's Kundali. Weak and malefic effect of any planet makes us suffer a lot of failures in life and loss of health.

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If Saturn is a functional malefic and also associates with a maraka then it becomes a very strong maraka, it will then supersede all other marakas and cause death during its own period or adverse transit. These remedies upayas , solutions and tips should be performed only if the relevant planet is malefic giving bad results either in the natal chart or in the lal kitab varshkundli annual chart.

When Mercury is placed in houses and Rahu is placed in houses; it gives highly malefic results. If Moon is weak and placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house then wear Pearl or Moon Stone. In Vedic astrology, each ascendant or lagna has certain planets that are naturally benefic can become malefic or deviate from their natural tendency and produce a.

Vedic folks is a leading vedic astrology consulting firm which offers different types of puja, homam and astrology services for living a better life. Remedies to remove malefic effects of mercury planet. Moon, Mercury and Jupiter are the key planets responsible for the soundness of the mind. In this post are paranormal remedies based upon the remedies given in the Lal Kitab to rectify and negate the ill- effects of malefic and badly positioned Mercury in each of the 12 houses of the horoscope of any individual.

Astrology Remedies for Jupiter or Brihaspati. Aquarius: The Moon considered malefic as it rule 6th house, Mercury mooltrikona sign virgo falls in 8th house , Rahu and Ketu. Any natural malefic planet whenever they come close to another graha tends to afflict that graha. Natives having a malefic Saturn in horoscope should also donate shoes to beggars and homeless individuals. It is no coincidence that Bonatti had already complained, some centuries before, about the lack of attention to latitude with the majority of his contemporaries:.

Indeed I am in agreement with them, but not purely and simply. So, who is correct in his definition of cazimi? The astronomical transit of an inferior planet, like the passage of Venus across the surface of the Sun in , can help us to understand why. After a previous period of invisibility which corresponded to its being under the rays and then combust, Venus appeared again as a small dark round spot on the bright face of the Sun, perfectly visible with filtered optical instruments or even to the naked eye, at dawn.

Had it been different, the planet would have passed above or below the body of the Sun, invisible, without crossing its disc. The Querent wishes to go to the Far East on a sort of cultural and spiritual pilgrimage, but there are some obstacles. Yet the opportunity seems to have come at last. Will she leave? The Moon is her co-significator, also showing the course of events with its aspects.

Combust planets in astrology

Any kind of spiritual pilgrimage, like any kind of trip abroad, is a question pertaining the 9th house. The ninth place is called deus and signifies what pertains to the Gods, to dreams and to travel abroad, say Retorius and Paul of Alexandria. Thus Mercury, ruler of the 9th, is the significator of the journey, but it is peregrine without essential dignity , retrograde and combust. An unpromising start. The Moon is not making any aspect, and this usually means stagnation, lack of opportunities of movement, action and change.

The condition of Venus, the querent, is on the contrary very interesting. Venus, in applicative conjunction to the Sun and only two minutes in longitude from it, is cazimi according to Lilly and many others. This fortunate condition might therefore ensure the fulfilment of the dream!

If latitude were indeed a key factor, then the answer to the question should be negative.

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The plan was not successful and the querent never left. The combustion of both main significators prevents any positive outcome of the matter. It is obvious that Mercury is not immune from combustion. It is equally obvious that Venus, far from being protected and exalted in the heart of the Sun, is instead burnt by it. The querent was asked to hold a series of seminars in Sicily by the director of a cultural centre, showing great enthusiasm for the project. Will the plan be carried out? The seminars are represented by Saturn, ruler of the ninth house. The first testimonies are favourable; Saturn in Libra is exalted — the workshops might be interesting and successful, the plan is a good one.

Jupiter, lord of the tenth house of success, is in the house it rules and in domicile in Pisces. Instead, we can disregard the seemingly fortunate presence of the Part of Fortune at the ascendant. Astronomically speaking, a Part of Fortune at the ascendant only tells us that Sun and Moon are conjunct, in the same way as an opposition between the luminaries produces a Part of Fortune at the descendant.

This aspect could be enough to decree the success of the enterprise. If so, the outcome of the question would be favourable. If not, the conjunction with the Sun would be a serious and destructive form of prohibition of the lunar sextile to Saturn. Even though the Moon approaching the Sun is often associated to a decrease in fortune due to the loss of her light, this is not necessarily so, especially in questions.


Bonatti reminds us that, at the moment of their perfect conjunction:. In that case the disc of the Moon obscures the light of the Sun weakening him, making him temporarily harmless, to the advantage of what is signified by the Moon and disadvantage of what is signified by the Sun. But the variations in the Moon's latitude are considerable and, in most cases, what looks like a perfect synod is only a conjunction in longitude, not in latitude.

This explains why the longitudinal cazimi of the Moon "never works", because it is, almost always, a combustion in all respects. In spite of the excellent conditions, the project was not realized. The charts examined for the present study are, of course, more numerous than the few I can present here, and the research is still going on.

I am also aware that a few examples cannot be taken as evidence of a theoretical statement. However, the results point at some conclusions:. First, the definition of cazimi derived from Lilly and applied by some Western astrologers is too wide and should be restricted.

Second, the role of latitude in the definition of cazimi is fundamental and cannot be overlooked. The introduction of latitude makes true cazimi an extremely rare occurrence. The effects of asta combust planets will be loss of their karakatwa or giving erratic results of their karakatwa, the results are divided into two parts.

Planets give result according to their karakatwa and ownership of houses in the horoscope. The karakatwa of 5 planets is as follows When Mercury is combust in birth horoscope one will find such people having frequent memory loss, they are very intelligent, smart, witty but combustion of mercury makes one have memory loss in old age or they are not able to process information. They are proud of their intelligence, Sun gives pride and ego of intelligence and they can damage themselves in ahamkara.

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Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Venus mahadasha and career has average time. In case of negative combust planets, gemstones cannot be prescribed for these planets, as gemstones should not be worn for negative planets, even if such negative planets are combust. The Aparajita Strotram is the most panacea for a Combust Venus in the natal chart. The best kind of Sun Mars combination can happen in 9th house of a horoscope when both Sun and Mars are benefic in horoscope and the combustion of Mars is not very strong and in this case such a benefic combination can give top class authority and recognition to the native and accordingly some of these natives may achieve top class posts in police, army or other defense related services. Same astrology read the health issues and also offers Astrological combinations for good health. All about free astrology and costliest astrology.

In transit Combust mercury will cause volatile markets, ups and downs in trade and commerce, rise in price of commodities etc. There is a lot of Pride and Ego in relationships due to which they are often found falling in and out of relationships. Changing relationships due to erratic lifestyles is a common feature of such combination. Film celebrities often have such combinations and you can see the erratic pattern in their relationships. Such people will always look for partners who enhance their status, they will marry only for money or have relationship only to increase their prestige, they may not be loyal to their partners.

In transit combust venus will influence the demand and supply in luxury market, travel tourism industry, hotel industry, liquor industry, there will be a tendency to indulge in erratic behavior and breaking the taboos.

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Marriages, purchase of luxuries properties, vehicles should be avoided when venus is combust in transit, classics say that marriage during such times results in to separation or unhappiness over a period of time. When Mars is combust in birth horoscope, there is a strong sense of power in such people, they are power hungry and will never leave any opportunity to show or exercise their power, They are very proud of their power and positions.

There is no responsible use of power and position whatsoever, they will act without thinking and their ahamkara can become the reason for their own destruction. When Jupiter is combust in birth horoscope, a person has too much ego about his abilities and he usually overestimates himself, he is proud of his knowledge and does not listen to anyone else. He thinks himself as the greatest and knowledgeable person. Such jataka has a tendency to show off and hype everything about him. Such a person may be virtuous but looses all his virtues due to ahankara. When Saturn is combust in birth horoscope , a person will not get paternal happiness and be punished by government.

Sun being the karaka of father and position, such people struggle hard to attain a position in life, they will have to go through all the hardships in life, there can be loss of father, punishment from government dandadhikara depending on other combinations in horoscope. They do not get happiness from their servants, labor class as they will constantly be under stress and trouble due to them.

Sometimes it brings depression and situations of loss of honor. The closeness to sun also renders heightened estimation of qualities of planets that leads to ahamkara and loss later. You will always notice erratic patterns of behavior in karakatwa of planets which are combust. Can women conceive during Shukra or guru Tara asta that is during moudyam period.