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This Is What You're Like in Bed, According to Your Zodiac Sign

People born in the Fall tend to have natural, attractive gestures, looks, and movements: Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. Learn characteristics of the body. People born in the winter usually have strong, attractive bodies: Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Learn the Fire characteristics. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: These people are physical and active. They tend to be rude and selfish, headstrong, confident, talented, charismatic, sociable, in good shape, and into sports. In a word, they are the doers.

Learn the Earth characteristics. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: These people are physical and passive. They are perfectionists, hard-working, and tend to be introverted. They are confident, reliable, consistent, and understanding of many things. They're often overlooked but they, in a lot of ways, hold society together. In a word, they are the back-bone. Learn the Air characteristics. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius: These people are mental and active. They are intelligent, interested in knowledge, energetic, charming, and good with words.

They tend to be too changeable, articulate, and optimistic. In a word, they are the thinkers. Learn the Water characteristics. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: These people are emotional and passive. They are emotionally sensitive, and deep. They are capable of powerful thoughts and actions; they are passionate and sexual. They are very intuitive and can almost seem psychic. In a word, they are the feelers. It has little to do with being macho or girly. In fact, men with astrological femininity often compensate by acting macho working out, claiming to be promiscuous or tough and women with astrological masculinity often compensate by acting "girly" wearing "girly" clothes and makeup, claiming to be emotional.

Astrologically masculine qualities: Independence, dating a lot, they may come off as rude to those that don't understand them but in reality they just stand up for what they think is right, traveling a lot, and preferring to pursue people; being energetic, active, headstrong, talkative, confident, open-minded, sexual, and flirtatious. Astrologically feminine qualities: Preferring long-term relationships, preferring to stay at home, needing more sleep, and preferring to be pursued; being methodical, considerate, reliable, kind, stubborn, polite, and shy.

Look for people with strong personalities. Are they confident in their habits? Do they display distinct qualities that most people do not possess? Do you know the person rather well? If so, this person may be a good candidate for analysis. On the other hand, does the person tend to act like everyone else? Is the person shy? Is the person quiet?

The Zodiac Signs in the Horoscope

Drag image here. Color Composition Any Color Monochrome. Pisces prize solitude and would do well with a quiet room for meditation or music. But not every day can be full of smiles and kisses. Mercury represents the mind and intellect, and rules Gemini, sign of duality also Virgo, and has its exaltation in Aquarius. Sagittariuses dislike restrictions.

Compare them to people you know. Think about people you know very well and compare this person to them. Consider many personality traits, physical traits, and how they respond to stress.

Capricorn (December 22–January 19)

Find cancer zodiac stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations Cancer zodiac sign, horoscope symbol, vector illustration. Find cancer zodiac sign stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of .

Compare this information to people that you know intimately to help you guess their sign. Observe their behavior. It is especially important to observe their behavior while they are in conflicts or while working in groups. We all learn to hide our inner feelings to some degree while in public. People usually display their astrological traits in relationships and tense interactions. Cardinal Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn : These people usually responds to conflict with a bold, decisive, instinctive action in an attempt to trump the assault.

They are easily motivated to start tasks. Fixed Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius : These people tend to hold in their reaction and respond that the attempt to hurt them was futile, with passive aggressive behavior or with silence. They concentrate on finishing things well. Mutable Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces : These people tend to be artful with conflicts, and are known to try to avoid arguments. They are good at motivating people. Pay attention to the age of the person's sign. Aries is considered the youngest, while Pisces is the oldest.

The younger signs tend to display quick tempers and be more selfish and eager to learn while the older signs are wiser, more compassionate and more set in their ways.

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This is where people get the term old soul. Practice guessing people's signs. Base your prediction from your study of astrology. Ask the person's birthday and birth time. This will help you verify your guesses and improve your skills.

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You can use Google to find a birth chart calculator. Scorpios are extremely determined and don't give up. They are emotional yet strong, and they are genuine. Yes No. Not Helpful 5 Helpful Since astrological signs are a bit of fun and are not to take place of the usual, sensible ways of selecting a partner. So yes, your match can work provided you are compatible in sufficient ways, such as having similar interests, faiths and goals.

Note too, that everyone has multiple signs besides that moon, mercury, etc. Other Earth signs Taurus and Virgo are the safest bet, as they tend to get along and experience the world in a similar way. However, connecting with a Water sign like Scorpio or Pisces might also be a good option. You would have to be understanding as Water signs may have more deeply felt emotions about things than you, but you might find yourself growing more as a person being in a relationship with them.

It really just depends on what you're looking for. They are extremely compatible. The two signs are both water signs, very emotional and creative.

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Not Helpful 4 Helpful No one person will act like the perfect example of her sign. The only way to tell at that point is by the person's birth date. Not Helpful 9 Helpful Anybody can love anyone. As for compatibility, Cancer and Aries aren't the best match. Cancers are "rounded," family oriented, attached, and known for sensitivity, soft spots and a tendency to overthink. Aries are known rather blunt, direct, ambitious, and aren't the most family oriented of people.

They would rather be independent, and in many cases, would like to have an independent, non-clingy partner. Gemini, due to the fact that Aquarius tends to be detached, and Libra tends to need more attention, whereas Gemini are always in their own world. My friend acts the opposite of her sign. Nobody would guess. What if other people are the same? It's just that your friend is a little unique. Don't stress out over not getting the perfect guess on a person's sign. It takes practice, you'll get the hang of it.

Not Helpful 6 Helpful Anyone of any sign can form a strong relationship with anyone of any other, as long as both partners can fall in love with one another and have similar relationship goals. Can a Sagittarius man and a Cancer woman form a long-lasting relationship? They can, but if you want to look at love compatibility, you have to look at their Venus signs. In love, it's the Venus sign that determines the whole of the relationship, while the Sun determines how they act toward one another. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 4. Unanswered Questions.

How do I know if astrological signs are compatible? Answer this question Flag as Flag as Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips You can just ask what people's birthdays are, and if they act like it's creepy just tell them that you really like astrology. Most people think it's cool or don't mind at the least. Be careful who you talk to about it though if you don't want to offend people because some religious types or belief systems are close-minded to it.

And if they think you're weird, try to tap into that Aquarius spirit that doesn't care what they think. Sometimes Libra and Aquarius are difficult to tell apart. The easiest way to tell them apart is Libra will try to fit in and put their relationships first.

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Aquarius will stand out, go against common expectations and put their individuality and others first. Don't give up if you are wrong on the first try. For practice, guess someone's sign to yourself and then ask their birthday to check and see if you're right. Most people will think you are small-talking and not think anything of it.

Sometimes people, particularly on the cusp, will display the qualities of a neighboring sign. Virgo is usually shy and reserved, and she'll usually be attracted to Capricorn or Scorpio. Similarly, Aries and Gemini can be equally as enthusiastic about food and drink as Taurus, but their focus is usually on other things. It's not uncommon for your guess to be one off. A person's sign traits will come out when they are in their natural state — when they are not trying too hard. Each sun sign gives off different vibes — very subtle character traits that can't be put into words.

Guessing right takes a lot of practice, so don't worry if you guess wrong at first. Fire signs are easy to recognize but sometimes difficult to tell apart. Yet, he is usually strong and confident. Sagittarius is good with words, tactful, and coy, but has the same energy, ambition, and independent attitude as Aries. Aries is youthful, impulsive, and aggressive and only cares about what others think when it is necessary. Warnings Everyone has different birth charts, so not everyone looks and acts in accordance to their birth signs.

Also, some people may look and act more like their rising sign or moon sign rather than their sun sign. Asking for somebody's birth date and birth time right after you meet them might come across as creepy. Usually their birth date will do unless they are a cusp in between two of the signs.

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Co-Authored By:. Co-authors: Updated: September 8, FF Felix Ferox Nov 13, The fact that people can be generally grouped into 12 types is fascinating and makes it easier to get through life. TS Tana Sherlock May 17, Really good source of info. I am Gemini, and I have actually noticed to find things I never noticed about myself as well. Really helpful. This really benefited me, and I feel so happy that I read this. Great job to the author! A very detailed, specific, and accurate article. DS Dimitar Saratonev May 31, That gives me some ideas of how to form a proper team for many occasions.

DC Davianna Chigbue Oct 22, I loved how this worked for finding out what sign my friend was without asking for a birth date. KS Karabo Selamolela May 11, Thanks, wikiHow. A Anonymous Feb 7, This made me actually popular. Thanks, wikiHow! SG Stephanie Gayle Jul 20, KM Kathleen Melecio Mar 28, RM Ruth Moore Sep 19, A Anonymous Feb 3, EB Elizabeth Buchanan Nov 23, SM Subhashree Mohapatra Jan 31, And vice versa - the interactions of the universe - the stars and planets and their relationships to each other - all come together to create a snapshot of your potential.

We are a reflection of the heavens and its beautiful, interlocking complexity. A black and white list of zodiac sign characteristics formatted for printers. Includes keywords, planetary rulers, symbols, elements and modalities. They are generally quite optimistic, and they love being placed in leadership positions. Read more details about Aries here.

Above all things, they value their sense of security and stability. After Aries brings its fiery energy, it is Taurus that lays down the foundations and follows through. Those born under the zodiac sign Cancer need to be needed. This is needed so that they can develop a sense of security and identity.

All About the Zodiac Signs

To the Cancer zodiac sign, their sense of home is very important to their feeling of safety and comfort. They also often have great memory and a talent for intuition. Admittedly, some of them can go to extremes searching for that harmony - which can make their situations unreasonable or unhealthy. They are quite bold, with intense personalities and feelings that hide underneath their cool exterior.

They are capable people that can complete great and massive projects with control and confidence. However, they are often secretive, seeming withdrawn and uninterested, when they are actually keenly observing. Stability and order are important to them - and this makes them good organizers.

They are responsible people that often take the heavy burden of others - whether willingly, or just because they are so capable. The Water Bearer January 20 - February Many are often gifted with a strong sense of art and poetry. Many of them have extremely vivid inner lives - filled with fantasy, magic and wonder.

Why Everyone Hates Cancer.. Zodiac Signs ?

They may find it hard to express that inner life, meaning that many of them are introverts. They are honest, compassionate, and trustworthy but they can sometimes take it too far and be rather gullible. Labyrinthos Academy is an online tarot school that aims to bring the ancient ritual of tarot for a modern practice. Sign up now to begin your initiation ritual. You'll get an email guiding you in your first steps as a witch, wizard or mage. Please confirm your acceptance letter in your inbox to start orientation. Close menu. About Expand submenu Collapse submenu.

Support Expand submenu Collapse submenu. Your cart. Close Cart. Zodiac Signs Meanings and How to Use Them As we mentioned before, the zodiac signs are often both entertaining, while also their archetypal nature helps give us a sense of purpose and understanding about the roles that we play in the universe.