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Where ever this journey takes us, always be that silly, happy, kind hearted girl that you are. Apple tidak memiliki niat untuk mengikuti langkah Facebook dalam menciptakan mata uang digitalnya sendiri yaitu Libra, kata CEO perusahaan itu, Tim Cook. Inktober day 8 "Frail" Used a different brand of black. Ot handles a little better. El hecho de estar a favor de algo o alguien implica a su vez estar en contra de otros.

Esto infringe los ideales de Libra en cuanto a diplomacia, tacto y compromiso, ya que es importante para ellos no herir los sentimientos de nadie. La necesidad de armona es evidente en los nativos de este signo.

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La belleza exterior debe reflejar la belleza interior, pero puede convertirse en un fin en s misma. Las artes juegan un importante papel en la vida de estos individuos. It is a divine discontentment, the same that the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautauma felt before he left his uncomfortable home.

I recently had the displeasure of spending some real one-on-one time with a male representative of this decan. We met in an exotic corner of the world under a star-lit sky, his occultism to me at first seemed like an interest in all kinds of spiritual topics and even self-improvement, and that caught me on but slowly and perhaps way too slowly, I peeled through his layers and somehow non-layers?

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He would forget my nationality, my name, while reciting love-poetry, with this holier-than-thou attitude…. Man oh man did I have to make an escape-plan.

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What hurt, I guess, was that he was heartless, it was all an act. An act he had perfected. He could be very funny. And then stone cold like Saturn himself. Home, still with his number in my pocket I knew I would have to gradually detach… And he started messaging me the second I landed… While I am writing this, he has sent me 24 messages. He becomes desperate and tantrum-y like a todler if I stop texting for a few hours.

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And I say very little. Like messages in a row to himself.

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Predicción Gratis Horóscopo K likes. Tarot del amor gratuito virtual Predicción Gratis Horóscopo updated their profile picture. July 14 ·. Love Horoscope - Get free online your detailed Love Predictions with love compatibility online at It is well known that the Libra, do not like imbalances and they prefer above all calm and calm. ¿Te gusta Tarot Amor? Comparte.

Today more than one hundred. And now a note on how we all are One. And namaste. Grateful for that.

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What I guess upset me was that in his case he had no humanitarianism or altruism. Abeit many dark conspiracy-theories.

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And no empathy, he tried to act like he had it I am a pisces decan 3 so I feel this shit he would straight out laugh at beggers and then laugh at himself, sounding and looking like an evil clown for doing it…. And sure, not all of the aquas in this decan is like this one but may i tell you, he was darker- than- thou. He had a virgo rising, libra moon, but seemed to cunjure up only the worst traits of virgo, picking on everyone, but unlike virgo who blames themselves, he kept blaming everyone but himself for wrongdoings.

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And the libra-thing with being possessive and taking things only for himself, his own scales. Very indesicive. Sorry for the gut-spill and long haul here you guys.

This was recently and I just… I just wow…Needed to write it. Thanks for your work and your insight, dear astrologer. I guess some of these star seeds can be carnevorious, huh. You have a beautiful presentable appearance and are very outspoken which is probably good but I noticed one time how your words dethroned another putting yourself there in place of. Marina enthroning herself with her followers. That was a first strong impression of that idea.


Aries and Aries two partners each with the sign Aries is a fairly unique pairing on a couple of levels, and can be a very solid partnership, as long as you can work as a team and focus your energy and ambitions on external goals, and not let it all dissipate while competing with each other. An act he had perfected. Ariel Portillo says:. Share on LinkedIn. Ailene Perez says:. Modern scholars believe the decans were imported into India through the Greeks, who learned about them from the Egyptians.

I suppose its the right and wrong checkerboard. Affectionately yours. We are the Spartan revolution Aquarius……..

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Hello to you. Is it common to share traits of all 3 decans? I was born on Feb 11 Im typically timid and shy but have grown more social over the years towards women but with little success. Im certainly not a hedonist but believe the pursuit of happiness is most important in life and to some that requires pleasure, I do work hard and play hard as for the more invigorating traits of the 3rd decan well…. I am a bit stubborn when I set a point but I am open to others points always when I have doubt of my view.

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I certainly have motivation in fun things and want to progress in them but work, and ideal careers chain me into doubting myself as I want the fun things game design, youtube video uploads and aircraft maintenance to be my career. I can be calm but get very frustrated over little things but hold my temper unless it is when people misunderstand others and refuse to listen to reason.