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No need to apologize or explain yourself, however…if you are prepared for such manipulations or machinations, you stand a better chance of not overreacting. Spread those mighty arms and test your wingspan! On Tuesday, vixen Venus vamps into Scorpio and your spontaneous, liberated, adventurous ninth house until November 1.

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Read your free daily Pisces horoscope on fubocabe.gq Gain insights into what Pisces Horoscope. Change sign, Aries Card of the Day. Wheel of Fortune. Check out today's Pisces Horoscope on fubocabe.gq righteous wave of productivity and ride if for all it's worth—because it probably won't last all day long .

While Scorpio energy can intensify your emotions, Venus has plenty of room to play—and expand—in your ninth house. Single Fish will happily swim laps for hours in the endless dating pool! Ease up on the goal-orientation and just enjoy whoever you reel in.

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Taurus Weekly Horoscope. Neptune is connected to music, so Pisces reveal music preferences in the earliest stages of life. It might not be much of a party that way, but if your private life is rich enough, you won't need to socialize right now. Your free monthly horoscopes Pisces are just the tip of the iceberg. Fears of being too vulnerable or of giving up our power to others are intense.

When you live in your truth, no one can use that against you, and how liberating is THAT?! Couples can take off the filters and be open and honest about, well, everything. Just remember to be as KIND as you are blunt. Since this realm also rules travel and adventure, wanderlust could strike at any second over the next three weeks.

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Even a mini getaway alone or a deux will stoke your embers and hit reset for single or coupled Fish! Make room for abundance because it could come flooding in any time over the next two weeks peak manifesting time for this lunation or even over the coming half-year.

Some Pisces will stick with the status quo but find a way to profitably monetize a passion project. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Rihanna Is Releasing a 'Visual Autobiography'.

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Caroline Calloway's Next Act? Visual Artist. Your private affairs should stay that way.

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The urge to splurge on some upscale travel hits today, as adventurous Venus jets into your global ninth house until November 1. Your comfort-seeking sign likes to know where you're going, who else is coming and whether there's a pool or beach. But sometimes you can have more fun being totally spontaneous and seeing what "happy accidents" might befall you.

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Make like a fish out of water and book an unplanned trip with someone special—or go solo! A cross-cultural connection reveals major promise today, so go forth and explore!

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The catch? How refreshing it will be to allow others to surprise you. Ask questions even if you feel naive.

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Then relax and take in what you hear. The moon and your co-ruler, numinous Neptune, meet in Pisces today, unveiling a powerful moment for your self-expression.

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Revealing your full power can make you nervous, but it's so much more satisfying than hiding your light. You have much to share with the world, so don't worry about doing it in a "traditional" way. The more you add your own quirky stamp to things—and pour your heart and soul into all of your offerings—the more powerfully people will respond.