Juno in libra compatibility

Named for the Goddess of Marriage, This Asteroid Points to What You Need in a Relationship

This will make you more marriageable and will make married life sustainable for you. Then you can relax into a lifetime of happy marriage with exactly the amount of depth or freedom or emotional bonding or passion or excitement that you want. Art by Crystal Rose. Jamie has been practicing astrology in the Bay Area since and teaching since She specializes in feminine archetypes and a positive, empowering approach. We will treat your information with respect.

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No Comments. What follows is a very brief and of course incomplete set of interpretations for Juno in the signs: Juno in Aries expects that marriage is an adventure. About Jamie Jamie has been practicing astrology in the Bay Area since and teaching since Sign up for the Pandora Astrology Newsletter.

Libra Soulmate Sign

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My moon is in a very late degree of Aries I do appreciate them, and they seem to get me as well. My juno sign is in Aquarius Does it matter? I'm curious to really know if it matters or not. Originally Posted by Bigstar.

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Cancer and Libra Soul Connection: Worlds Apart This is a romantic match, which provides the opportunity to learn important love lessons. Interpretations are written by Annie Heese unless otherwise noted. They may act like a child themselves and want to play all the time instead of work. Juno in the 8th House: You need a Sex Machine for a partner. If you have been searching for your mate with no avail, no need to stress anymore, the quiz below is designed to help you estimate the time around which you will meet your soul mate. Louis on January 22, at am. This person could very well be right under your nose, as a neighbor, or someone you see at the grocery store.

BUT, my Juno is in the seventh house, in Scorpio, so that's not surprising in any way. Juno in my 2nd house. He has been a strong financial resource in my life. Money was never an issue and being a Leo he was a very generous person. Still recall walking outside one morning to a Corvette sitting in the driveway, it was mine. After a night he spent playing cards with his friends, I'd wake up to a my share of his winnings laying on his pillow.

After we separated, financial assistance came through child support and the house was mine. Even now, I'm close to retirement and a portion of my social security check will come from his SS being that he made more money than me.

Sun enters Scorpio

May your Juno sign be well place Moondance Added thought: Jupiter rules my 2nd and 5th house and occupies the 5th. Last edited by Moondancing; at AM. I got Juno in Gemini at 0 degrees in the 6th house. I like Geminis but the feeling isn't mutual. On the other hand, there are a good number of Virgo suns, moons, and mars in my life. Mine is in Virgo. I've never attracted Virgos nor am attracted to Virgos either I seem to attract and get along well with Cancer.

Juno in Aquarius. I have lots of Aquarius friends. As for if that's who I attract? Yeah, I fell madly in love with an unavailable Aquarius last year And also had a supposed male friend Aquarius who wanted more. I'd happily marry an Aquarius as long as he had some Mars or oomph in his chart as some of my Aquarius friends are the geeky kind. Originally Posted by AppLeo. I don't think it really means anything, honestly.

Asteroids don't really have much impact unless you have a personal planet conjunct to it. My Juno is in Libra and I have noticed that I see Libras more often than other signs, which is kind of interesting. Originally Posted by craft The guy who inspired that 20 page horary chart had his Juno conjunct my Mars in Leo 3rd house , and oddly enough, I think those were the qualities that drew him to me initially but I think he got disappointed when he realized I'm not as confident or assertive as he thought I was.

Juno in libra/7th house

I still have my retrograde Venus in Scorpio issues to work on My Juno is conjunct my Vertex, Eros, NN, Venus, and my 7th house ruler so it's hard to say if it really means anything as far as my own chart is concerned. Yeah, as far as your own chart is concerned. Juno works for some people and some it don't. I just wanted to find out if it mattered or not. The last guy I went out with was actually a Scorpio but I wasn't really all that interested in him. He only wanted to hang out if it was 1 AM and at his place.

I have juno in virgo. There has been a lot of virgo sun people in my life, but not for romance. When I was younger, most of my friends and cousins that were my age were virgo sun.

Juno in Libra Woman

Many of my coworkers that I have been fond of were virgo sun. After college, my mother gave me a cat as gift that was virgo sun. It seems like I'm a magnet for virgos. Fortunately, they are easy relationships with no conflict. Originally Posted by Blaze. You partner could have interests in philosophy and occult sciences.

Earthy Capricorn will give you a spouse that could be older than you as an actual age-gape or only emotionally older or perhaps you will meet your ideal spouse after your First Saturn Return after 29 years old. Your spouse will also be very practical. Juno in Aquarius will give you logical rather than emotional partner. You partner could also be an old friend of yours or you could be introduced at a social gathering.

No matter what, your partner will be a good-hearted person. Rowling, Brooke Shields. With Juno in emotional Pisces your partner could be a bit dreamy and imaginative; perhaps your partner could have secret feelings for you long before your relationship became a reality. Juno - my true love and spouse - Part II. Thanks x 9 Disagree!

Juno in Astrology

Mar 16, 2. Mine is in Sag. Mar 16, 3. Mar 16, 4.

Juno: The Key to Finding Lasting Love From Your Astrology Chart

Mar 16, 5. Sag conjunct Mercury and True Lilith. Mar 16, 6. Thanks x 2. Mar 16, 7. Thanks x 3 LOL! Mar 16, 8.

With Juno in Cancer your marriage partner will be emotional , sensitive , dependent , yet extremly loving and caring. OMG NO! I usually run from men like this I don't think I'm getting married. There can only be one dependent in the relationship and that's me. I'd rather the nitpicky ass Virgo like man that's my Jupiter sign.

Last edited: Mar 16, Mar 16, 9. It had a little more info and I was alright with it so I'm guess I'm ok with this. Last edited: Mar 17, Mar 16, BUT based on this description this accurately descibes my current man. Thanks x 4.

Juno in Libra Man

The asteroid Juno possesses Venus/Pluto or Libra/Scorpio energy. are very important to determine marriage compatibility between people. In the case of detailed relationship and marriage compatibility analyses The Juno – Libra combination shows that your spouse will enter your.

So im marrying a foreigner.. I knew it! Thanks x 2 LOL!